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B2B Philippines Hotel Central Reservation System
(XML DATA / Exclusive For Corp. or Travel Agency) is an on-line wholesale travel enterprise, an innovation that provides travel related service like but not limited to hotels, rental cars, sightseeing services, travel guides, etc. It covers 8 Philippine cities. It operates in these branches: Seoul, Manila, Cebu, Subic, Boracay offices utilizing a real-time service. operates with where they are B2B real-time hotel reservation systems with 15 years of business career base of Island Resort Club Tour Services Inc.

Based on rich experience, we have a way of selecting best hotels and their service and provide these through the website.

Every week, we receive the thousands of reservation. We maintain a competitive pricing scheme while providing best purchasing value to our clients saving time and money.

We provide 2- language services. In 1993, we started the business in Seoul. We tied up with more than 300 hotels, air lines, travel agents and global travel enterprise through Manila, Cebu, Subic and Boracay branches.